Office 2003 ADMX Files

by Jeremy Saunders on November 11, 2008

Alan Cuthbertson over at SysPro Software used his ADM Template Editor to convert the Microsoft Office 2003 ADM’s to the new ADMX format.

Alan posted some interesting notes…

  • Having converted them, we realised there were 11 additional branches created under Admin Templates, so we used our editor tool to move them under a single branch.
  • Apologies to those wanting non English versions. We could create a new version based on that language, but integrating that in to a new set of adml files is too difficult.
  • The Office11.admx file contains the “root” category. You must therefore load this admx file, plus any others that you want.
  • We found one “Bug” with Microsoft’s implementation of ADMX files. It does not support a blank valuename. So we had to remove this option under Microsoft Office 2003/Microsoft Outlook 2003/Tools | options…/Other/Reminder Options/More Reminders. We are discussing with Microsoft whether there is a way around this problem. Interestingly, this value is set under \User\appevents and so is not a managed policy.
  • Before rushing in to converting ADM files to ADMX files… consider whether you really need the policy settings available in all policies. If an ADM file is only used in one Policy, don’t bother converting it….
Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders

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Jeremy Saunders
Jeremy Saunders
Jeremy Saunders

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