My First Stand-up Comedy Experience

by Jeremy Saunders on December 8, 2009

As an IT Geek, I’m very much an introvert, or as I like to say, an introverted extrovert 🙂 One of my personal goals in life is to do Improvisation Comedy also known as Theatre Sports. It’s awesome fun, and extremely funny when you’ve got the right mix of people and personalities playing off each other. In preparing myself for this by helping to bring out the extrovert within, and to understand the pressures of not only performing in front of a live audience, but also making them laugh, I completed a Stand-up Comedy workshop run by a very funny and clever man by the name of Robert Grayson.

The workshop was so much fun. You learn the art of how to write comedy, how to find the right subjects to speak about, and how to relate to the audience. It teaches you about “being in the moment”. But most importantly for me, I learnt how to deal with the negative demons within, and go far beyond my comfort zone to a point I never throught I’d ever reach.

As part of the graduation I appeared live on stage at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den (Brisbane Hotel) back on 8th November. It was an amazing night. I was on such a high for days afterwards. Here is a video of my performance.

Here are a couple of group photos from the night.

There is heaps of awesome comedy in Perth that you can see almost every night of the week. But for me, the piece de resistance is the Big Hoo Haa on Saturday Nights upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel in Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den. So much raw talent on stage. Maybe one day I will be part of that team!



Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders

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Jeremy Saunders
Jeremy Saunders
Jeremy Saunders

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