The Bees Knees script for installing VMware Tools

December 3, 2008

Updated 19th October 2010… This is what I call the “bees knees” of scripts for deploying VMware Tools. It will detect if it’s being installed on a Terminal/Citrix Server, and remove the appropriate components that may impede performance, etc.

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Online VMWare VI3 Training

October 22, 2008

Got this e-mail today from virtualizationuniversity.com. Some colleagues and customers may find it of value…

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Citrix on VI3.x Recommendations and Tuning

July 13, 2008

Here’s a pretty good article posted by Sven Huisman on behalf of Verron Martina from VMware: http://virtualfuture.info/2008/07/citrix-on-vi3x-recommendations/ ¬†Some more notes from Jamie Morrison: http://theether.net/kb/100072

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