Script to Fix the Delivery Services Console Shortcut

November 29, 2009

This script will update any shortcuts to the Delievery Services Console (DSC) and Access Management Console (AMC). Launching the DSC or AMC on 64-bit system is a bit of a challenge. The CmiLaunch.exe does not work correctly on a 64-bit system. It does not start and we receive the following three errors in the System […]

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The Challenges of Using VBScript to Create Shortcuts

December 3, 2008

Updated 8th December 2008… Today I was finalising the application deployment for a new XenApp farm. One of the final scripts to create was to place 9¬†shortcuts on the Desktop of the All Users profile. That’s quite a simple task, and for the most part some would probably just end up copying a bunch of […]

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