Custom MDT Wizard For Network Settings

January 4, 2015

Setting a fixed IP Address during the MDT task sequences has always been ugly. It’s an area that I believe needs to be revisited by Microsoft. I don’t like the concept behind the “Apply Network Settings” task action. I don’t find it dynamic enough. In my opinion it’s too cumbersome and involved. The old “NICSettings_Definition_ENU.xml” […]

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VBScript best practices

December 6, 2008

If you can’t tell by now, I love scripting and coding 🙂 There is nothing you can’t achieve, and no problem that cannot be resolved. But there is an art to doing it right. I start by drawing up an N-S (Nassi-Shneiderman) diagram or flow chart, and then writing it up in pseudocode, which allows […]

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The Challenges of Using VBScript to Create Shortcuts

December 3, 2008

Updated 8th December 2008… Today I was finalising the application deployment for a new XenApp farm. One of the final scripts to create was to place 9 shortcuts on the Desktop of the All Users profile. That’s quite a simple task, and for the most part some would probably just end up copying a bunch of […]

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Scripting updates to the GPT.ini for the Local Group Policy

August 26, 2008

Updated on 27th October 2010. I came across a challenge whilst working on a big XenApp deployment in a Novell environment. I needed to make changes to the Local Group Policy Object on all Terminal / Citrix servers. This was specifically required for implementation of a logoff script, as logoff scripts are not supported via […]

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