Introducing the new AppDNA Platinum Edition and Goodbye and RIP to the Standalone Editions

March 26, 2014

The Excitement: Last June Citrix included a cut down licensed version of AppDNA as part of the XenDesktop 7 Platinum license. As excited as everyone was at the time, this license was so restrictive that you could only analyse applications using the SBC module. Back then I wrote an article titled “AppDNA is now included with XenDesktop 7 […]

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AppDNA is now included with XenDesktop 7 Platinum, or is it just a tease?

June 19, 2013

I was excited by the recent announcement during the Citrix Synergy 2013 keynote that an AppDNA license will be included with the upcoming release of XenDesktop 7 Platinum edition. Yes! Now one of my favourite tools, so needed in this space, gets to shine alongside the flagship products. This sparked so much excitement and conversation […]

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Deployment Script for the Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy Tools

May 10, 2009

A good friend of mine, Warren Simondson from Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, writes some awesome tools. There are a particular set I use for all Terminal/Citrix Server deployments I refer to as “User Self-Help Tools”. The below script is what I use to deploy them. Simply add the tools you wish to deploy to an array. […]

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The Bees Knees script for installing VMware Tools

December 3, 2008

Updated 19th October 2010… This is what I call the “bees knees” of scripts for deploying VMware Tools. It will detect if it’s being installed on a Terminal/Citrix Server, and remove the appropriate components that may impede performance, etc.

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Displaying useful connection information on the desktop wallpaper

October 27, 2008

Updated on 6th April 2010… Like most IT professionals, I’ve been using Bginfo to embed some useful information in the wallpaper of a users Desktop for some years now. So what you say! Well…not too long ago Warren Simondson of CTRL-ALT-DEL IT Consultancy created a couple of cool utilities called TSBackdrop and PCBackdrop. I was […]

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Scripting updates to the GPT.ini for the Local Group Policy

August 26, 2008

Updated on 27th October 2010. I came across a challenge whilst working on a big XenApp deployment in a Novell environment. I needed to make changes to the Local Group Policy Object on all Terminal / Citrix servers. This was specifically required for implementation of a logoff script, as logoff scripts are not supported via […]

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Running Logoff Scripts in Novell Environments

August 6, 2008

Updated 28th October 2010. Due to a lot of requests and feedback, this script in now included as part of the script posted under Scripting updates to the GPT.ini for the Local Group Policy. Cheers, Jeremy.

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Citrix Load Evaluators

July 9, 2008

It has always been my opinion that the CPU Utilisation and Page Swaps rules are highly variable, and therefore do not often represent the real load of a server. CPU Utilisation can often be too erratic to provide consistent load balancing. Now days you have the CPU Optimisation feature, or a 3rd Party management app […]

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