This page lists some of the comments I received when I resigned from IBM and moved to Datacom. I was taken back by all of these comments. It’s humbling to feel that one has had such a positive effect on so many.

From Vendors:

Citrix have advised Datacom that “Jeremy is one of, if not the highest respected Citrix specialists in Australia”.

“…thank you very much for everything you have done around Citrix! Your passion and commitment are unparalled. Without you, a lot of the things we did not only in Asia but the rest of the world would not have been possible between IBM and Citrix.”
Rob Harper – Director, America’s SI/ISV Sales
Citrix Systems, Inc.

From Datacom:

From Datacom in Sydney…”Jeremy’s reputation precedes himself all the way across here to the Eastern States.”

From a mutual IBM and Datacom Customer:

An e-mail send to Datacom…
“…just heard from an old friend that Datacom have just employed Jeremy Saunders from IBM/Cerulean. You have just employed a premium level employee, I regard Jeremy as one of the highest skilled and dedicated IT guys I have ever met. I’d make sure Datacom treat him well and keep hold of him. He’d be my #1 choice for an employee were I ever in the market. Good signing!”

From IBM Customers: (I have replaced any company names with — to keep them anonymous.)

“As you know — is a very difficult environment especially for contractors and your enthusiasm and perseverance is a credit to you. Look forward to working with you as our career paths cross again.”

“…all the very best and I do hope we get to continue the Citrix partnership through you.”

“It’s sad to see that you’re leaving IBM and thus we loose a great resource! It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I’ve learnt a lot during that time. You have really understood how we wanted to build our environment and your technical skills were certainly needed in this project…”

“…you will certainly be missed around here. I know from what I’ve seen, having worked with yourself has helped us restore some faith in the IBM machine 🙂 It has been an absolute pleasure for us, both professionally and personally to have spent the time we have with yourself, and I know all the guys wish you the best, although judging from people’s reactions around here, you’ll no doubt hear from them individually! I sincerely wish you the best, and please let us know where you end up, as I’d be surprised if we don’t get in contact with you sometime in the future to once again engage your services.”

From the CIO of one of the leading distributors of Electrical, Safety and MRO products and services to the construction, industrial and OEM markets in the Asia Pacific region.
“That’s a lovely note and one that the team will get a real kick out of. You were very highly regarded in here and we have ended up with a solution that is serving our business well. Let me know who you are going to. You never know what the future holds.”

“What ever you are going to do I wish you every success. If success is achieved by commitment, knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail, then you already have it. I can state that whilst you enjoyed working at — it was my pleasure to have you here. I know we have a great set up as our main Citrix Administrator went on 6 weeks leave and we had no issues. — have a world class solution implemented by a skilled, knowledgeable and thoughtful person that had numerous checkpoints in the process to make sure that the final result was the best we could achieve. I appreciated the way you melded in and was part of our team in your time at —. Thanks again for your work ethic and desire to produce the best solution.”
David Males
Communications & Desktop Services Manager

From IBMers: (All comments will remain anonymous for obvious reasons.)

“…am so proud and privileged to have worked with you pal. Am very blessed & I’m not taking the piss. Thanks so much for your counsel & your passion. I will miss you on a day to day basis…not that you’re there ! I wish you well in your endevour and am disapointed that IBM didn’t or can’t see the value.”

“I saw your mail and it hurts me a lot. I will miss you as a colleague.”

“Sorry to see you go. Needless to say, a big loss for the team & IBM in general. I hope that the next step in your journey yields both those challenges and rewards that you are seeking.”

“Wow, we certainly are losing a great resource. You have the most thought-out/fleshed-out responses and never shy away from answering even some of the most basic questions. The Global CoC (Center of Competency) was a great mailing list and I think I read every single reply — never once did I think it was useless (well, not YOUR replies anyway 😉 ). IBM is certainly losing a wonderful employee…”

“Thanks for the time and your drive in you Citrix forum. I wish you all the luck in the world.”

“Good Luck and thank you for all you have done. Much appreciated.”

“Wow Jeremy, didn’t realise that you are leaving us, why? Didn’t enjoy all the folks within IBM that appreciate your passion? I sure did!”

“I want to thank you for everything you do for the CoP (Community of Practice). It was very helpful for everyone to have informations, scripts… about Citrix.”

“It is a very huge loss. I wish you all the best in your new adventure and thank you for all your support and assistance to my team on Citrix over the years.”

“Congratulation and wish you all the best for your new adventures. This is a HUGE loss for IBM. Also, I wanted you to know that I keep all most all of your emails in PDF format as they are all gold bits of information.”

“Very sorry to hear you are leaving. It will be big loss for IBM.”

“I always enjoyed reading your emails and advice on solutions and citrix products, their are so very few leaders in the techincal arena and i think you became one of them unknowingly, you always shared your knowledge which is fabulous work.”

“Mate I could not of said it better I know of a lot of people feeling the same way…. but anyway mate all the best and thanks for you help.”

“I am a ‘quiet’ memeber of the forum so you wouldn’t know me. But I just want to thank you for your contribution, I have seen many of the brilliant advice you have provided in the forum, and thoroughly impressed. Thank you and good luck!”

“I am saddened to hear your leaving. IBM will definitely be the poorer for your departure. Thank you for all the help and knowledge you have given me on many a project over the years. Good luck with the new venture and I wish you every success. I have no doubt we will meet up again in the Citrix world.”

“Best of luck, will miss all your SPAM ; ) just kidding. Big loss for IBM.”

“Sorry to hear that you are leaving =(.. The Citrix Technical Global CoC is very important to us and I would like to take over the distributions list to keep it alive, It has saved me ton of research hours and the solutions given always work.”

“I agree with you so much on the IBM management team. Even though I was not too active in the CoC; however, I do appreciate your effort to keeping it rolling. I bet your leave is a big lose in IBM especially in the Citrix CoC. I wish you all the best and success in your further job. Thanks.”

“Thanks for everything you did over the last three years, Jeremy – it was a great ride! Best of luck on your new endeavours!”

“…I always valued this email distribution list and contributed when I could (only two responses I think), but hats off to you for your commitment and hard work. I cannot believe that IBM would let a guy like you go. You will be missed.”

“Sorry to hear – for most of us You have been an inexhaustible source of knowledge. I’ve always read the mails in the community, and will miss Your input.”

“Although I’ve never met you, I’ve been amazed at your knowledge of how Citrix works and thought how nice it would be to have the knowledge you do. I’m a long time IBM’er and sadden that were losing such a knowledgeble person and someone willing to lend a hand to who ever asked. I wish you the best in your new adventure and will certainly miss your insights on the various challenges of supporting Citrix.”

“I value your commitment and dedication. Unfortunately some companies or managements have different visions. Although we never meet nor never touch base personally, I treasure you as a firend and totally agree with your comments. Please invite me to any new group outside IBM you going to create. I wish you the very best.”

“i’ve pickedup quite a few things from the “spam” emails that you’ve either sent out or replied to. You’ll be missed.”

“Thanks for the time and your drive in you Citrix forum.”

“I wish you all the best and would like to thank you very much for all !”

“Thx for some greath support and nice to meet you in Orlando.”